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Bridgeport Flea Market and More! LLC

Bridgeport Flea Market and More! LLC

Sell Your Items on Consignment

We have spacious booths and walls you can rent at affordable rates.

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Consignments (15%)

No Time Limit | In-Store and Online 

Bridgeport Flea Market and More! LLC offers our clients the service of putting their precious items on consignment to get the most value for their belongings. Items we accept include, but are not limited to, furniture, vehicles, ATVs, boats, weapons, jewelry (all types), and personal collections such as coins and stamps. :

                     Consignments Booths

  • Consignment Booth (8 x 8) - $100 per Month
  • 16 x 8 Wall - $100 per Month
  • 14 x 24 Booth - $425 per Month

For more information, feel free to get in touch with our office in Bridgeport, Texas today!

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